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WalletsNet® enables digital wallets to be connected to each other in a Standard, Speedy, Simple and Secure way around the world.

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Instant Payment Network for Digital Wallets

Real-time payment infrastructure designated for account-to-account (A2A) & cross-border payment

Transmission of the payment message (based on ISO 20022 financial messaging standard) and the availability of final funds to the payee occur in real time or near-real time and on as near to a 24-hour and 7-day (24/7) basis. Financial institutions of all sizes are taking advantage of the WalletsNet®’s capabilities to create or enhance digital services for their corporate and retail customers.

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Payment versus payment (PvP) Settlement Service

A bilateral PvP gross settlement designated for FI-to-FI (F2F) FX Settlement

PvP is a robust form of settlement for cross-border foreign exchange transactions, as payments are settled simultaneously across the books. Our settlement services help digital financial institution success by reducing risk, improving efficiency and increasing liquidity.

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Bringing together innovation and standardization


QR Code Standard for Payments

QR Code specifications help to promote global interoperability

The WalletsClub® QR Code Standard builds on the EMV® QR Code Specification, including Consumer-presented QR Codes and Merchant-presented QR Codes. We define the mandatory elements required to help facilitate the payment experience for both static and dynamic QR Codes.

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ISO 20022 Standard for Payments

A watershed moment for the payments industry

ISO 20022 is a global standard for exchanging electronic messages between financial institutions. ISO 20022 messages provide rich, structured data with a common data dictionary regardless of which syntax is used.

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Prediction the future of the digital payment industry


Perspectives on Payment Industry

Insights from WalletsClub experts and industry thought leaders

At WalletsClub, we're committed to helping our subscribers understand the complex world of payment industry. Report where industry leaders are focused, giving you an early view into the strategies they're pursuing and products they're building.

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Connection makes your business growth faster

Instant payments are gaining traction, with a growing number of countries introducing solutions. It will become the new payment standard in the near future, bringing significant benefits for consumers and corporates

For Future Instant Payment

Employs message models based on ISO 20022 standards and QR Code models based on EMV® standards helping you drive payments modernization and innovation, greater levels of automation and global messaging consistency.

Global Standard ISO 20022 & EMVCo QR Code

Our professional services team provides technical consulting and advanced engineering solution architecture services to enable any consumer experience or business process. Leverage our expertise to meet the demand of your customers.

Ease of Integration RESTful API & SDK


Frequently Asked Questions

The WalletsNet® network, the instant payments system from WalletsClub™, is the new core payments infrastructure designed for the digital wallets industry. Real-time payments over the WalletsNet® network enables customers of different digital wallets to send and receive real-time payments, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Digital wallet institutions that use the WalletsNet® network to make faster payments on behalf of their customers benefit from the network’s real-time final inter-PSP settlement.

Instant Payments means paying or receiving payments instantly. Instantly means within a few seconds, anytime, 24/7/365 days a year. Instant Payments are also known as 'immediate payments' and 'real-time payments'. It is the ability to move funds instantly, clearing the transaction and crediting the payee's account with confirmation to the payer within seconds of payment initiation, between people, businesses and government authorities.

1. The Messaging Service:
The WalletsNet® is a distributed architecture that route and exchange messages between each other.
We uses ISO 20022, which is an International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) format used for electronic data interchange between financial institutions or organisations that move money and data.
2. The Instant Settlement Service (Launching soon):
In order to achieve immediate funds availability with no risk to the Receiving Participant, WalletsNet® Payments are immediately settled between the Payer’s FI and the Payee’s FI by the WalletsNet® System. This is accomplished through the use of an external Prefunded Balance Account held by the Cooperative Settlement Bank.The Account is jointly owned by all Funding Participants and Funding Agents and WalletsNet® is the sole agent of the Account.
Each Participant that is able to send Credit Transfers must provide initial funding as determined by WalletsClub(known as a Participant’s Prefunded Requirement) to the Prefunded Balance Account. Participants that only receive Payments do not have a Prefunded Requirement.
Any licensed payment institutions around the world can be WalletsNet® network participants, regardless of size and location.

Boost the Payments Innovation

The WalletsNet® network represents a new phase of evolution within the digital wallet payments industry and provides a platform for product innovation.

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Immediate payment in the account only takes a few seconds.


Instant payments is available ANYTIME (24/7/365)


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